Tuesday, March 3, 2020

#754 OIC - Service Bus integration

There are many happy SOA Suite/Service Bus customers in the world today.
OIC can make them even happier via the SOA adapter!

As you can see, the Service Bus process has REST and SOAP APIs.

The process itself is very simple, it calls a createCustomer web service that returns a confirmation.

I test this in JDeveloper - that tool of tools!

The result -

Now to invoke this from OIC -
I create the SOA Suite connection, leveraging the new SOA Suite adapter.

Adapter configuration is discussed in a previous post - here

The OIC integration has a REST trigger - the request has 2 fields -
name and email address.

The invoke of SOA Suite is configured as follows -

I deploy and test -

I check out the monitoring in OIC -

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