Thursday, June 26, 2008

Malformed URL error when deploying BPEL demos

In this case, the error was thrown when deploying the workflow form for the AsyncLoanService demo.

I got rid of this error by amending the file in the \bpel\utilities directory.

Check the values for
hostname =
j2ee.hostname = ncommisk-de

j2ee.hostname =

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Various other ESB Design Time errors

ORA-12516 when installing ESB
Please check the following parameter values –
processes - Recommended is 150
sessions - Recommended is 100

Login to SQLPLUS as system –
show parameters processes
alter system set processes = 150 scope=spfile;
show parameters sessions
alter system set sessions = 100 scope=spfile;

jdbc/esb not found

ensure you have the following in the oc4j_esbdt data-sources.xml

esb console doesn't start automatically

check the server.xml at

to ensure that the app has been defined with start="true"