Wednesday, February 27, 2019

#688 OIC for HCM - Data Extracts

This post is more a note for myself.
I need to demo HCM extract functionality via the OIC HCM adapter.

I have access to an HCM environment - but don't have an extract to play with.

So I do the following - export one of the preseeded Extracts - Worker - and then import under a new name.

Export -

Import -

The result -

Now I edit -

As you can see, I added Delivery options - specifying Output Type - Data - so as to avoid having to
specify a Report(BI/Report) / Template Name.

Note: Delivery Type is set to WebCenter Content.

I also set the Integration Name to NiallCWorker - this is what I will specify when accessing the extract in OIC. 

I then Submit the Report -

Then I create the integration in OIC that will pick up this output and send it to an FTP server.

getExtract is the Invoke of the HCM adapter - configured as follows -

The FTP Invoke is configured as follows -

I activate and test -

This file turned out to be ca. 175MB.
So I refined the extract to include changes only.

Friday, February 22, 2019

#687 OIC - Subscribing to Fusion ERP Events - part 1

Which Business Events are supported?

Check the list out here

What has to be done to enable OIC to consume Business Events

Check out the ERP adapter doc here

Defining your Fusion ERP adapter 

Here we need to add an entry - ERP Event Catalog URL

Now to a simple example...

Creating an Integration that subscribes to Events

This is based on a lab created by my colleagues Kishore, Subhani and Narayana - kudos to them!

So the use-case -
User creates a Purchase Order(PO) in ERP Cloud and a PO event is raised.
Oracle Integration subscribes to the PO event, transforms and pushes the relevant information to the relevant target.

The target in this case is a business object defined in VB CS -

Note the endpoint URL for this -

I create a REST connection in Integration for this -

So now, armed with the ERP and REST connections, let's create the integration.

It is of type App Driven Orchestration -

The Trigger is the ERP Purchase Order Event

Now to the filter expression - I am only interested in those for "Lan Cable NiallC"

I set the Response type to None -

I now add the REST Invoke to VB CS PO Business Object -
I will first check if the PO exists.

I then assign a variable to hold the count of POs found -

If Exists - let's update
otherwise - create a new PO record

So in the if path I do the following -
1. create a new variable for the VBCS PO ID

2. drop the VB CS REST adapter again and configure as follows -

Set Request / Response -

I map as follows -

I now add an Invoke (Create) to the Otherwise path -

I then do Map to CreatePO -

That''s it - let's test this.

But just before doing so, here is the data already in PO -

I log in to Fusion ERP and create a PO -

Now I specify Lan Cable NiallC, remember? - that's the product for which I'm filtering the events.

I submit the PO -

Now back to OIC Monitoring -

My PO has been created in VB CS -

I have a simple VB CS web app for managing these POs -

Great stuff - thanks guys!