Thursday, June 29, 2023

#973 OIC for Netsuite - leveraging the Netsuite REST api

Going forward we are looking to support the Netsuite REST apis via the OIC Netsuite adapter. 

However, if you want to try them out today...

Netsuite Pre-Requisites 

Enable REST Web Services

Create a new Integration Application - copy the Client Credentials (only shown once, on creation).

Ensure you have a REST enabled role

Assign a user to the role - in my case, it's the user Niall Mac Cumascaigh.

Now create an Access token for this combination of Application and User - 

Test the Netsuite APIs via Postman

Download the Netsuite Postman collection from

This also includes a template environment file, which you need to amend with your Client Credentials etc.

Then try out one of the apis - 

Leveraging the Netsuite REST api from OIC

Create a REST based connection and configure as follows - 

Realm is set to your Netsuite account id; same as the url prefix (Connection URL).

Using the connection in an Integration

Use the response from the Postman test as the sample JSON response - 

Do the necessary mapping, then activate and test - 


Tuesday, June 20, 2023

#972 OIC 3 23.06 New Features --> B2B

The OIC 23.06 release brings a couple of innovations to the B2B component. Let's check them out - 

Outbound Message Resubmission 

23.06 allows us to resubmit outbound B2B messages. Resubmission may be required for a couple of reasons, the main one being the initial outbound request failed. However, a trading partner may ask for the document to be resubmitted due to issues on their side. 

Resubmission can be done from the B2B Tracking page - 

Click on Wire messages - here I see one with a Transmission error. The new Resubmit icon is available on the right -



Support for B2B Standalone mode in OIC Projects

Specify File Name and Directory Name Values at Runtime

This applies to ftp outbound - now you can override the defaults you set in the FTP transport definition.

Monday, June 12, 2023

#971OIC3 23.06 New Features - Projects - RBAC and other new features

The OIC 23.06 release brings RBAC to Projects. RBAC = Resource Based Access Control, so now you can decide who can do what in your projects. This allows one to have different groups of integrators, working in the same OIC instance, with each group having their own slide of OIC. For example, I have 2 groups of integrators, those working primarily on Fusion ERP and those working on Fusion HCM. Each group gets their own project(s) and neither sees the artefacts of the other.

So let's take a simple example - I am an HCM integration developer and create a new project in OIC -

Note how I can immediately make this public, by checking the box.

This I do not do, as Onboarding is dealing with sensitive data and should only be accessible by HCM integration developers.

The project creator, is, by default, the project owner. As such she has the ability to define RBAC - 

Clicking on the Share icon opens the following dialogue - 

I can define -

  • Multiple Owners
  • Editors
  • Viewers
  • Monitors
All of the above will need to be OIC users. They are already stored in IDCS. Think of this now as a layer on top of that - e.g. I am a user with the OIC Service Developer role, but I'm also a member of a new IDCS group - HCM Service Editor.

Let's set the edit field - 


I set the others as well - 

And there's more to Projects in 23.06 - 

Project Cloning  

Project Lookups Cloning

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

#972 - OIC3 23.06 New Features - Observability Enhancements

OIC 23.06 includes some very compelling enhancements in respect of Observability - You can now view the total counts and the minimum (quickest), maximum (slowest), mean, and standard (largest) deviation execution times of integrations over a selected time period.

Here's a simple example - I'm checking out my integration AA-ProcessOrder - this synchronous integration is very simple, it includes a WAIT action (yet another new 23.06 - WAIT in sync flows) and a local invoke of a child integration. I include a wait field in the request payload, this allows me to vary the execution time. I execute 20+ requests, with the max wait time of 20 secs. 

Now to OIC Observability - note the new View statistics icon -

I can exclude/include metrics as required - 

Same applies to the percentile metrics - 

Naturally, I can also vary the timeframe - 

Friday, June 2, 2023