Thursday, April 25, 2013

#243 Harvesting OSB artifacts to Oracle Enterprise Repository

Simple example showing the use of the harvester.

Here are my projects in OSB -

export these projects via the OSB console to a sbconfig.jar file.

OER Configuration

I need to install harvester Solution Pack

The Harvester is available in, which is bundled with the Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g installation.

The installation of the Harvester Solution Pack requires use of the Import /Export tool. 
This tool is available from the Admin tab of Oracle Enterprise Repository in the Import Export option. 
The asset types delivered as part of the Harvester Solution Pack are required by the Harvester tool. 

 In OER, click on Admin then Import/Export. Then click on Import/Export client.

Import the Harvester Solution pack zip.

New asset types etc. have been created -

OSB configuration

We need to do some preliminary steps before running the harvester. all relevant files are here -


Amend HarvesterSettings.xml to specify harvesting from the sbconfig.jar file created earlier.

Run encrypt.bat to encrypt the password.

encrypt.bat HarvesterSettings.xml HarvesterSettings.xml
Then run setenv.bat   

Then run osb11g-harvest.bat

Then review the result in OER - let's check out the DynamicRouting OSB project -

Now wasn't that easy!