Thursday, March 5, 2020

#756 - OIC Oracle Field Service adapter --> Subscribing to OFS Events

Simple example here -
I want to trigger an OIC integration, when a new Resource is created in OFS.

A resource is one who does the actual work - so all hail our venerable resources!

OIC Trigger Configuration 

I drop the OFS connection as a Trigger and configure as follows -

OIC Processing Logic

In real life, the new resource details may need to be sent to a variety of downstream systems.
In my case, I simply write the data to a file via the OIC FTP adapter.

Mapping is as follows -

I activate the integration.

I then create a Resource in OFS.

I do not see any integration running in OIC.
What's happening here?

Enable Event Publishing from OFS to OIC

Back to the OFS adapter documentation - a note to all autodidacts out there -
always good to read this before starting out -

So there are some preparatory steps that have to be completed on OFS side
to enable event publishing to OIC.

Click Add Channel -

Host is yourOIC-Host
Username is your OIC user

Channel is created - 

I create a new Resource -

I go to OIC - Monitoring -

I check the audit trail - there's Johanna -

OIC - THE integration platform for Oracle Field Service!

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