Thursday, September 21, 2017

#597 Quick look at the ICS JDE adapter

Here is the adapter configuration -

Here is it in use as an INVOKE -

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#596 ICS Fusion ERP adapter in action

File-based Data Import (FBDI): Import Journal Entries into Oracle Financials with ICS, 
incl. processing the Callback.

In this simple example we will do the following -

1. pick up a zipped file from an ftp server
2. unzip the file. It will contain many files
3. For each file -
3.1. Read the records in the file
3.1.1. For each record - Transform and write to the output file
3.2. Upload the file to Fusion ERP - invoke the ERP Import Service.

Create the connections in ICS

Create the Fusion ERP Connection

Create and test the FTP connection

Create the ICS Orchestration

Drop in the ftp adapter -

I can delete the Map to DownloadZipfile

I now need to unzip the file -

I use the STAGE FILE ACTION for this -

I will then need to configure the following -

I do so as follows -

Note: I have hardcoded the Unzip directory

My Orchestration now looks as follows -

In my scenario, the zip contains only 1 file for processing -

So now we start processing the records in the file.

I will start by listing the contents -

Again, I use the STAGE FILE ACTION -

My Orchestration now looks like this -

Now to the actual file processing...

I add a FOR EACH ACTION to iterate thru the files.

I configure the above as follows -

The Orchestration now -

Now we add yet another STAGE FILE ACTION -

This will be used to Read the file.

I have a test .csv to use here -

The Orchestration now -

I now add yet another STAGE FILE ACTION to write the output file -

Now to the mapping...

I create the following 2 mappings -

All we now need to do is zip up the output file.
We do this again via the STAGE FILE ACTION -

The Orchestration now...

Now we will invoke the Fusion ERP Import Service -

The Orchestration now...

Now to the Mapping...

I now add a NOTIFICATION ACTION to send the confirmation code

I now create the Callback ICS process - this will be called on the successful completion of the ERP import.

Drag and Drop the ERP adapter connection


Ensure the certificate for the ERP Cloud instance is imported into the ICS certificate store.

I activate the callback integration.

I copy the Identifier -

I now edit the main Orchestration again, leveraging the callback integration -

I now activate this orchestration

I then test via menu - submit now