Thursday, December 22, 2016

#542 PCS 16.4.5 New Features incl. Quickstart Masters, Automated Archive & Purge, REST connectors...

Lots of great new features, just in time for the Holiday Season.
Thanks to my colleague Kathryn L.

I will be adding to this post over time, so, currently, it is not an exhaustive list.

1. Ability to see Conversations in Tracking

Note: the second icon on the right, under the docs icon.

2. Quickstart Master new functionality

For those of you who have yet to meet a Quickstart Master - here's a quick intro.

I take an existing process and convert it to a Quickstart Master.

Now I can configure the master -

Let's look at Properties -

Now to Personalize - What can master users configure within this process -

As you can see, Personalization allows one to define exactly what can be changed in a PCS app based on this master.

Let's tie this down to allowing users just to configure the Notification activity.

In fact, let's only let them change the body of the email -

Now to Promote -

Now, I create a new PCS app based on this master -

Configure -

I see what I can change -

I change it -

Test -

Now I can test -

I enter a large order and then REJECT it -

I get the Rejection email -

3. Automated Archive & Purge

4. Enhanced UI Embedding Features

Read all about this here

5. Enhanced Web Forms Features

5.1. Execute REST calls on demand - here is a simple example -

When I click on Get Quote, the google finance REST api is called.

To begin with, I need to create a REST connector.

I click on Create a REST Connector.
I set the base url and now add resources.

Set the response to the JSON returned by the REST call to Google -

Now, let use it in the form -

I set  its value via an Action.

Great stuff!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

#541 ICS 16.4.5. Release New Features

Some great new features with our Christmas release -

Text in italics is from the ORCL docs.

1. Import your own adapter into ICS

You can create your own ICS adapter using our Cloud Adapter SDK and then register it in your
ICS environment.

Read all about it here

2. Auto-generated Swagger for your inbound REST Integrations

Here is the metadata for a service -

Now simply add /swagger to the url.

3. New DB2 Adapter

Read all about it here

4. Enhancements to REST and SOAP adapters

4.1. Partial updates for RESTful resources

4.2. Support for multipart responses e.g. JSON + an image

4.3. Target app TLS version support.
   What is TLS? You don't know? Then read about it here 

4.4. Support for custom inbound/outbound SOAP HTTP headers

5. Ability to Schedule Orchestrations 

As you can see, scheduling will work with File/FTP adapters.

6. Ability to Import Maps into an Orchestration

7. Support for-Each Looping in an Orchestration 

8. Ability to create a Draft of an Integration

Creating a draft of an integration creates a new copy with the same integration information. This action represents an easier way to create an integration. During draft creation, you must update the version of the integration and optionally update the package and description. However, unlike a cloned integration, you cannot update the integration name or identifier.

9. Enhanced ICS REST APIs to Manage your ICS Environment