Tuesday, March 3, 2020

#755 OIC - Oracle Field Service Adapter

Like all OIC adapters, the OFS adapter has comprehensive documentation.
The users guide is available here


There are some pre-requisites, which are discussed in the aforementioned doc -

One also needs the client id / client secret from OFS.

Users, Security, Integrations --> Applications -

Click on Show Client ID / Client Secret.

Note these values for future use.

Create the OFS Connection in OIC -

Use client id / client secret as Username / Password.

Save and Test the connection -

Using the OFS Connection as a Trigger in an Integration

I can drop the OFS connection as a trigger - 

Here one can specify an OFS business object as the request payload -

One can also respond to OFS events -

Using the OFS Connection as an Invoke in an Integration

Most of these Business Objects support CRUD activities.

Creating a New Activity via OIC

Target fields -

and so on...

Valid activityTypes can be found in OFS -

Now to re-iterate, I am a neophyte when it comes to OFS.
So how can I approach such a task?
Which fields do I need to fill?
Which values are valid?

My first port of call is the REST API docs for OFS.

I check out the example request payload -

I use this as the basis for the integration trigger, which is REST based -

resourceId refers to the technician who will be assigned this activity.
I find this id in the OFS app -

customerName - I got this by browsing existing activities in OFS.

activityType - I set this to "Estimate", why Estimate? Why not? I don't know what's valid or not.
I test via Postman - and get the following error, which thankfully lists the valid types.

Now I try with furnace_repair - test and get a response containing the new activityId -

I check out the Dispatch Console in OFS -

Anna is scheduled for furnace_repair on March 18th -
I hope all goes well!

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