Monday, March 9, 2020

#757 OIC --> Weblogic JMS adapter

Here is a simple example of using the Weblogic JMS adapter in OIC -

I began by setting up the JMS artefacts in Weblogic -

I then created a simple JMS client to sanity test -

Weblogic is running on my laptop, so I have installed the OIC Connectivity Agent there as well.
It is up and running -

I now create the Weblogic JMS connection in OIC -

My simple OIC integration has a REST trigger -

defined with request/response

The JMS Invoke is configured as follows -

I have created an xsd for the message -

Mapping is as follows -

I activate and test -

I check monitoring in OIC -

I check the Queue in Weblogic -

Great stuff!

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