Friday, December 13, 2019

#742 - SOA Suite / OIC interoperability

Hybrid integration architectures can be easily implemented, leveraging OIC and SOA Suite.

This will be very interesting for existing SOA Suite customers who are moving to the cloud.
For example, a customer could have existing integrations running on SOA Suite on-premise that implement orders 2 cash use cases. The customer may adopt a cloud based CRM e.g. Oracle Engagement Cloud or SFDC. She can now leverage OIC and SOA Suite to implement an Opportunity to Cash scenario. OIC responds to the event - new Opportunity created and calls the on-premise integration to do the rest.

Naturally, the interoperability between OIC and SOA Suite is bi-directional.

Let's begin with OIC invoking composites, running on SOA Suite.

OIC invoking SOA Suite Composites

My setup for this example is as follows -

1. OIC in the Oracle Cloud
2. SOA Suite installed on my laptop - JDeveloper Quickstart.
3. OIC Connectivity Agent installed and running on my laptop 

Here we leverage the recently released SOA Suite adapter.
As usual, there is an accompanying doc for the adapter. I am not one for reading manuals, but, on this occasion, I am glad I did. I strongly you do so too. Available here as pdf

Step 1 is to create a new SOA Suite user and assign the roles Deployer and Operator. This is detailed on page 2-1 of the aforementioned doc.

Now I create a connection in OIC, leveraging this user.

It is configured as follows -

Note the url  yourSOASuite/soa-infra
You can check it out -

It lists the composites deployed -

I only have one deployed - Test_processOrder -

As you can see, it doesn't do much.

Next to the integration -

I drop the SOA Suite Connection and configure as follows -

SOA Suite invoking OIC integrations -

 Today is Friday and I have just created a connection to OIC in JDeveloper

How did I do this?

How did I define it?

I test -

Now to leverage this in a SOA Composite -

Note: One can call integrations in OIC that have a REST trigger -

Check out the Ora docs, detailing how to call OIC from SOA Suite, here

So I create a REST binding in my composite -

Great Stuff!

And now, all that's left is to wish you all bon weekend!