Friday, December 21, 2018

#674 OIC DB Adapter for Oracle Database 18c

I just installed the 18c DB on my laptop, now to leverage it from OIC -

Create DB Connection

Here is the DB connection configuration -

I specify my Connectivity Agent group -

Leverage the DB Connection in an Integration

I created an integration with a REST Trigger -
Payload is custId and customerName.

I then invoke the DB connection -

I select the Customers table -

and then Import -

My table does not have a primary key defined, so the following appears in the wizard -

I do the mappings -

I test via Postman -

I check the DB -

DB Select Example 

Note the parameter definition -

select cust_name from customers where cust_id = #custId

Map the response -

Test via Postman -

Ok, you may say - but doesn't the adapter support SELECT out of the box?
Yes, it does - here is a simple example -

Attribute filtering for SELECT -

Add WHERE clause -

I Click SQL Edit, add a parameter and use it -

I do the required mapping -

then I test -

Executing PLSQL Function

The input mapping -

The output mapping -

Test -

Thursday, December 20, 2018

#673 - OIC Integrations - re-submittable errors

This is an area customers often ask me about.
Firstly, when is an error re-submittable?

According to the docs -

You can manually resubmit failed messages. Resubmitting a failed message starts the
integration from the beginning.
All faulted instances in asynchronous flows in Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud
are recoverable and can be resubmitted. Synchronous flows cannot be resubmitted.

Next question is - who do I know if my flow is asynchronous?

Again back to the docs -

Oracle Autonomous Integration Cloud does not currently allow modeling an
asynchronous request response service. However, all scheduled orchestration
patterns internally use an asynchronous request response.

However, OIC does support Fire and Forget (one-way requests).

Now you ask - how can I create a Fire and Forget interface for my OIC Integration flow?

This is relatively simple -

I use a SOAP trigger, based on a one-way wsdl.

The one way wsdl, as the name strongly suggests, does not include a response.

  Note: the portType - CreateOrgService - definition only includes input.

I then create a new SOAP Connection in OIC, based on this wsdl.

That Connection, I then use as a Trigger in the following integration -

Very minimalistic - however, suffice to know, I just invoke Service Cloud to create a new Organization.

I have guaranteed an error, by mapping the lookupName. This is not allowed, as this field in auto-generated by Service Cloud.

I deploy and test, which brings me back to the first screenshot in this post -

Resubmitting Errors

I have a new integration flow with my one-way SOAP Trigger.
This integration simply writes new organization data to a file,
via the OIC Connectivity Agent.

The destination folder is on a thumb drive, plugged into my laptop.

As you can see, I already have 1 output file there.

I now remove the thumb drive and test the integration again -

The flow throws an error -

The above error message is self explanatory.

I now re-insert the thumb drive

I re-submit the error via OIC Monitoring console

I check out the folder - voilĂ .

Friday, December 14, 2018

#672 OIC 18.4.5 New Features - Process

Just covering some of the new features -
full list is here

Simple Forms Editor

18.4.5. brings us a simple form editor in Process -

I click the +

Streamlined Navigation for Processes and Decisions 

Dynamic process iFrame support

Check out the  UI Process components at https://yourOIC/ic/pub/components

Click on the Cookbook link -

and see what is available -