Friday, December 28, 2012

#208 SOA Suite 11g Developers cookbook

Antony and Matt have been at it again - a great resource well worth reading -

Check it out here

The actual chapters are:

Chapter 1: Building an SOA Suite Cluster
Chapter 2: Using the Metadata Service to Share XML Artifacts
Chapter 3: Working with Transactions
Chapter 4: Mapping Data
Chapter 5: Composite Messaging Patterns
Chapter 6: OSB Messaging Patterns
Chapter 7: Integrating OSB with JSON
Chapter 8: Compressed File Adapter Patterns
Chapter 9: Integrating Java with SOA Suite
Chapter 10: Securing Composites and Calling Secure Web Services
Chapter 11: Configuring the Identity Service
Chapter 12: Configuring OSB to Use Foreign JMS Queues
Chapter 13: Monitoring and Management

Thursday, December 27, 2012

#207 BPM Process Accelerators update...

Now is the quiet time between Christmas and New Year - just the right time to check out

Happy New Year to everyone out there!