Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#282 Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation - Packt Publishing

Just got my hands on the above title and am looking forward to reviewing it.

The book covers -

  • Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)
  • Oracle Service Registry (OSR)
  • Oracle JDeveloper
  • Web Services Manager (WSM)
  • Oracle API Gateway (OAG fka OEG)
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM)
The book promises to cover key concepts and practical guidelines on how to implement service governance.

Review starting soon...

BTW. the book is available here

Friday, October 11, 2013

#281 Log level dependencies in BPM 11g

From a BPM perspective, we can set logging at the following levels  -

Say I want to debug bpm auditing - I can activate the following -

I test my composite and see no traces in the log -

Now, I go to the composite and enable bpm logging there -


Check log file -