Thursday, February 26, 2015

#379 Oracle RightNow Adapter

Just tried out the a dream!

User Guide Doc here

This simple lab covers the simple scenario of getting Incident information from RightNow.

Get it from Google docs here

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#378 Installing Oracle API Manager

Pre-requisite -

Oracle DB - I am using XE 11g.

Download the required software -

API Mgr, FMW 12.1.3 Infra, SB 12.1.3

Step 1 - Install FMW Infrastructure

My target directory is D:\Work\envs\FMW12c\APIMgr

Screenshot for Path setting is missing ; i.e. \bin;%PATH%

Step 2 - Install Service Bus 

Ensure your Oracle DB is up and running.

Install Service Bus -

Step 3 - Install Oracle API Manager via OPatch on top of Service Bus

The API Manager is in the patch p2022...
The other patch - an RCU patch and needs to be installed as well.

Install API Manager -

Execute OPatch here -

Install the RCU Patch

Step 4 - Run RCU to create the API Mgr schemas

Now create the Repository.

Configure API Manager domain -

Step 7 start the servers

Start nodemanager
Go to the console -

Start osb_server1 

You can also check out the deployments -

The api manager portal is available at

login as weblogic/welcome1

Note the 3 functional area tabs -

Now, check out the docs here

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#377 BPM12c Initiator Task Form patch released

Patch Number is 20440332

Stop BPM12c Quickstart (or equivalent).

Restart BPM 12c Quickstart  (or equivalent).

Create a simple BPM process, kicked off by an Initiator task.

Deploy and test

Here is the application link in workspace -

Check out your task form -

btw. I noticed memory issues with my default settings, so I upped the settings in the setStartupEnv.cmd file.

#376 Oracle API Manager released

Check it out on OTN here