Thursday, April 27, 2023

#966 Creating a user in IDCS from OIC

First step is to get this working in Postman - follow the instructions here

The Client Application configuration is simple - 

Save the app and copy the client id and client secret - 

Use these to configure the Postman environment, as per the instructions - 

Now to the Postman collection - execute the following to get the token - this will be used in the createUser request -

Now to creating the user - 

change the name, email address in the body - 

Check out the result in IDCS - 

Extrapolate from this to create the integration in OIC - 

Step 1 - Create a REST connection to IDCS - 

The integration is simple - REST trigger with the following payload - 

I use the request / response payloads from Postman, when configuring the IDCS Invoke - 

Mapping based on Postman payload - 

Note: I repeated the emails node - 

Activate and Test - 

and here is Lucia in IDCS - 

Thursday, April 20, 2023

#965 OIC 23.04 New Features - OData Adapter

According to - OData is the best way to do REST. In this simple example, I will show you how to use the newly released OIC OData adapter to retrieve customers from a public OData service. I am using the following

Step 1 is to create the OData connection in OIC - 

I add the service base url and, as this service is public, I set the security policy to No Security Policy.

Test & Save.

Now to the integration - 

I set the trigger response as follows - 

  "Customers" : [ {
    "CustomerID" : "ERNSH",
    "CompanyName" : "Ernst Handel",
    "ContactName" : "Roland Mendel",
    "ContactTitle" : "Sales Manager",
    "Address" : "Kirchgasse 6",
    "City" : "Graz",
    "Region" : null,
    "PostalCode" : "8010",
    "Country" : "Austria",
    "Phone" : "7675-3425",
    "Fax" : "7675-3426"
  }, {
    "CustomerID" : "ERNSH",
    "CompanyName" : "Ernst Handel",
    "ContactName" : "Roland Mendel",
    "ContactTitle" : "Sales Manager",
    "Address" : "Kirchgasse 6",
    "City" : "Graz",
    "Region" : null,
    "PostalCode" : "8010",
    "Country" : "Austria",
    "Phone" : "7675-3425",
    "Fax" : "7675-3426"
  } ]

Essentially, a simple list of customers.

Now to the OData Invoke configuration - 

Last step is the Response Mapping - 

very easy, since I used the same fields names as in the source - 

Activate & Test - 

Monday, April 17, 2023

#964 OIC 23.04 New Features - Projects and Observability


23.04 brings the following enhancements to Projects - 

Ability to invoke child integrations from within or without. So what does this gives us?
Let's look first at how local invoke works for Projects in 23.02 -
Here is my project - 

I edit AA-CreateOrder and add a local invoke - 

As you can see, I can only select integrations from within the same project.

Now to 23.04 - 

Here is my Project - 

I now edit AA-CreateNetsuiteCustomer to add a local invoke of AA-CreateNetsuiteContact -

Here I can select from within my own project, or from other projects. I can also select from the "global" integration list, i.e. from a list of integrations not in any project. 
The visibility of my project integrations is controlled by a new checkbox, visible when creating an integration - 

This essentially allows us to share integrations between projects. Typical use case could be a generic project for notifications, error handling etc.

Project Observability has also been enhanced -

Firstly the doughnut control - giving us a status overview - 

Then the list of individual flows - 
The filter in 23.04 has also been augmented - this will be discussed further in the Observability section below.

Also, please note the new Audit tab - providing us with salient design time audit data. 

23.04 also allows us to convert packages to projects - 


The 23.04 release brings many Observability enhancements, so, without further ado, let's check them out.

Debug Trace Availability

Availability of minimal details of integration flows with tracing set to Debug, after 24 hours. The minimal details are - instance ID, instance status, and time duration.


Monitoring Integration Page Enhancements

A new filter- Display Instances - has been added. Please note, this filter is also now available on the Errors page.

Connections Errors Drilldown

The OIC Observability Dashboard has a Errors by Connection section - 

Now we can drill down to the details by clicking on the relevant section in the doughnut - yes - that is how you spell doughnut. I have only 1 such - AA-Zendesk.