Friday, March 23, 2018

#620 APIP CS - Plans

According to the docs, a plan is -
an abstraction between applications (the clients consuming APIs) and APIs to allow fine-grained access entitlements to all APIs that are part of a plan. 

All APIs are now accessed via plans, in other words, you cannot register applications to use individual APIs outside of a plan. To re-iterate, developers will create an application and register
this with a plan. All this is done in the APIP CS Developer Portal.

There is a new role in APIP CS to manage plans - Plan Manager.

I login to the Management Portal as such -

and see Plans in the context sensitive menu.

Let's look at the Silver Plan -

Let's see what the plan contains - i.e. the APIs covered by it.

They are referred to as Entitlements- i.e. what does the plan entitle me to do.

Plan Managers can add Entitlements (APIs) to the plan. They can also grant this  permission to other
APIP CS users.

I am an API Manager, so I should be able to add the following API to the Silver Plan -

I do this by clicking on the Entitlements tab -

Simple yet succinct. Plans provide us with the basis for monetization and granular access to APIs.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

#619 ICS / OIC development guidelines

Are there any coding standards, best practices for ICS?
This is a question I get asked very frequently.

We do not have a dedicated Oracle doc on this, however, there is a very useful community thread -

Click here to view.