Thursday, February 27, 2020

#753 - OIC --> Using the Shopify adapter

The Hare of the Dog Pub is on Shopify - at least for the next 14 days.
That's how long a trial account lasts.

Oracle Integration has just released the Shopify adapter -

So let's try this out -

First step is to create a private app in Shopify -

I copy the api key and password for future use.

I also create a customer and a product in Shopify -

Creating the OIC Shopify Connection

Now to the OIC Shopify adapter configuration -

Use the API Key / Password for username/password

Then Test - looks good - or, as we say in Ireland - it's grand!

Using the Shopify Connection in OIC

Query options -

Retrieve Customers 

Query Customer options -

REST API docs are here

My integration Trigger is of type REST and has 2 parameters -
idList - list of customer ids
limit - max nr of customers to retrieve.

I map as follows - note, I only map the limit -

I activate and test - getting the following error -

Permissions error on the part of Shopify.

So I return to Shopify and activate read-write on customers -

I test again -

Create a Shopify Customer

Now to create a new customer -

Here is target mapping -

I change the REST trigger to include a new customer payload -

I map the response -

I activate and test -

I validate in Shopify -

Now for the Update...

Update a Shopify Product via OIC

Logic here is that I loop over the products and set the Tag on each to Haut Couture.
What else would you expect from Hare of the Dog?

Get Products configuration -

Request mapping just sets the limit(50)

Switch condition -

ProductUpdate mapping -

I have created a variable for the tag -

I activate the integration and test -

BTW. here are my products in Shopify -

Here is the trace -

I check my products in Shopify -

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