Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#427 Process Cloud Service --> ProcessA calling Process B via Send/Receive

Another simple scenario, leading on from the last post.

I have now added process C to my application -

It does a security check on my order -

Now I call this from ProcessA using Send and Receive activities.

Send configuration -

Receive configuration -

BTW. Here is a list of the valid types -

I do the necessary data associations and then deploy/test -

I then check for completed instances in the Tracking tab.

Here I see 2 instances, one for A and one for C.
Remember, we do not see a separate instance for B as it is being leveraged as a reusable process.

To quote the docs -

The call activity lets you call a reusable process from within the current process. The
process being called becomes a child process of the calling process. When calling a
reusable process, the call activity of the parent process waits until the child process
completes before continuing.

I check the audit trail for ProcessA -

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