Monday, July 13, 2015

#411 Introduction to Process Cloud Service - Simple Order Process

PCS Roles

A good way to begin with PCS is by looking at the default roles.
Here they are -

Process Service Developer -

Process Service User -

Process Service Administrator -

Ok, the above are self explanatory, but nothing beats a simple example.

Here is a very simple order approval process -

Creating a business process in PCS

I log in as the process developer - niall

This brings us into the Composer -

I create a New Application -

Apps live within spaces.

So what does an app contain?

Processes - our business processes.

Web Forms - our user interfaces.

Business Types - our business objects e.g. order, customer etc. 
can be based on an XSD

Decisions - Business Rules that can be called by your processes.

Web Services - services called by the processes.

Business Types

Here I define a business object based on an xsd.


Now I create the process -

Note the patterns offered -

I choose the Form Approval Pattern -

Note the option to create a Document Only process.

Here is the template -

I begin by defining the swimlane roles - CSR and MGR

I now define my data objects -

I now define the Web Form for the Order -

Web Forms 

I can base the form on an existing business object as shown below -

Add the Order Business Object to the Form's Data Palette -

Or else, I could start from scratch, building the form and with widgets from the palette.

I tidy this up a bit...

This stuff is pretty intuitive, so just play around with the Settings / Style.

I can test this out by pressing the running man icon.

Looks good.

Now, I leverage the form in the process -

Implement Submit Request

Note: I select the web form, I just created.

Note also, the documentation / business properties -

 Now, I do the required Data Association -

Implement Approve Request

Do Data Associations -

Implement Approved? Decision Gate

Implement Re-Submit and Fulfill as per the Approve activity.

Note these are "SUBMIT" style human tasks - i.e. no approval rules.

Here are the actual types of human task available to you in PCS -

That's the implementation done, now let's "Play" the process.

Test the Process via Play

Notice the icon at the Start activity - I click on it, to start testing.

Note: I have no one assigned as yet to the CSR role, so I click on 
Manage Role Mappings

I click Submit

I approve the order -

Note: I can add comments, attach docs, view the history etc

I approve and on it goes to the Fulfill activity - I assume you all get the idea.

PCS - Simple, yet very effective!

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