Monday, July 13, 2015

#412 Process Cloud Service -> Workspace tour

Leading on from the previous post -

Now I want to deploy the process to my test environment -

Click Test -

Now, just to recap on the app roles -

CSR - renate
MGR - phillip

Remember, the CSR can submit an order, thus kicking off the process.

I login to workspace as user renate. She has the role - ProcessServiceUser.

She sees the "Initiator" task - NC -> Create a new book order.
She can also work on tasks and track instances.

I click on the initiator link and enter the order details.

I then click Submit.

I now logout and log back in to workspace as user phillip.

phillip has the role ProcessServiceAdministrator.

Note: he cannot start any applications.

I click on Work On Tasks.

I can approve immediately or look at the details first.

I add a comment -

I attach a doc to the order -

Here are the set of actions I can take on the order -

I approve the order -

Now phillip sees the Fulfill task in his worklist -

I just click Submit to complete the process -

Process Tracking 

Processes can be tracked based on status etc.
The above screenshot - shows completed instances.

I can look at the instance details -

History - Tree View -

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