Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#426 Process Cloud Service - Reusable Subprocesses

Simple scenario here -

Process A calling process B.

B has a human task -

I now validate the application -

Let's look at the implementation of the Call activity -

Note: no processes in the dropdown list -

Reusable Subprocesses

So what's needed here is a reusable sun-process.
This is a process with a "None" start activity.

Here is mine - as you can see, I have added an Approval task.

I have also created data objects -

Now I can define the inputs/outputs for B -

Back in Process A - Call Activity -

Now the Data Associations for the Call -

I also do the data associations in B -

First - Start Activity - Data Associations

Then, End Activity -

I deploy and test -

I see the human task in Workspace -

I approve and then check via Tracking.

Here is the audit trail (tree view) -

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