Thursday, July 16, 2015

#418 Process Cloud Service - REST API

Using the REST API, you can integrate with applications
outside of Oracle Process Cloud Service.

So say the ORCL docs - so what does this look like?

The above screenshot shows a few of these services.
Click here to view the page.

Let's look at retrieving tasks for a user -

So how do we go about trying this out?
Check out the QuickStart -

I Install cURL -

I test cURL - curl

I now try retrieving the tasks for our user, phillip -

Here is what he currently sees in workspace -

C:\Program Files\cURL\bin>curl -u phillip:welcome1 -H "Content-Type:application/
json" -H "Accept:application/json" -X GET http://localhost:7003/bpm/api/1.0/task
"title":"Filtered Task List for phillip","tasks":[{"href":"http://localhost:
7003/bpm/api/1.0/tasks/200041","length":0,"rel":"self","title":"Approve Book Order",
16 05:11:31","state":"ASSIGNED","ownerRole":"NCOrderApp.Process Owner",
C:\Program Files\cURL\bin>

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