Thursday, January 15, 2015

#373 MFT --> Leveraging Remote sFTP as target / WLST support

Simple scenario: MFT transfer from local file to remote sFTP server.

I am using Cerberus FTP server here.
It is configured for sFTP as follows -

I used PuttyGen to generate keys - they are here -

My Cerberus user - niall - is configured as follows -

Folder is D:\Work\envs\CerberusFTP\NcFolder

niall will use the public key, generated earlier.

I now import the private key into MFT using wlst -

type help("mft") to see all mft related commands.

now import the key -

importCSFKey('SSH', 'PRIVATE', 'ncMFTssh', 'D:\Work\keys\myPriv.ppk')

Now to the MFT Console - Administration tab

I set the SSH Keystore - PrivateKey password

I now define my remote sFTP target -

I create a file source -

and then a transfer -

I deploy and test -

source folder -

target directory -

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