Tuesday, January 6, 2015

#366 SFTP (Put/Get) with the Oracle FTP adapter

Simple scenario here -

All the composite does is accept in an order and then PUTs the order to the FTP server.

As FTP server I am using Cerberus FTP.

I configured a new user niall

Note: the root folder for user niall is D:\Work\envs\CerberusFTP\NcFolder

Here are the Constraints -
niall can only use sftp

So user niall will use the above public key to authenticate.

So where did this key come from?

I used PuttyGEN to create public/private keys on the machine, hosting SOA Suite.

These keys are stored here on my machine - in D:\Work\keys

Now back to the composite -

Here is the configuration of the FTP adapter -

Note the JNDI Name eis/Ftp/ncSFTPAdapter.

I now go to the Weblogic console and configure this resource -

Properties 1 - 10: no changes.

Properties 11 - 20: change Host value to FTP Server host

Here is the ip address from the FTP Server console -

Properties 21 - 30: no changes.

Properties 31 - 40: change ListParserKey = WIN

Properties 41 - 50: set PrivateKeyFile to point to the SOA Host
private key.

change port to 22.

Properties 51 - 60: no changes.

Properties 61 - 70: Set

(niall is, of course, our ftp user)

Properties 71 -74:
Set UseSftp to true

Save and update the ftpAdapter deployment

Deploy the composite and test -

--- GET ---

Here is my composite -

Adapter config as follows -

I drop a file into NcFolder

It is picked up and an instance of the composite is instantiated.

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