Monday, January 5, 2015

#364 Fixed Length file processing part 2

Here we receive a fixed length text file of type A and
write it to a fixed length text file of type B

Type A -

AccountNr 8 chars
First Name 10 chars
Surname 10 chars
CountryCode 2 chars

Type B -

AccountNr 12 chars
First Name 15 chars
Surname 15 chars
CountryCode 2 chars

Create a composite and and add a File Adapter (Read),using the schema builder, as per the previous post.

Add a file write adapter using the schema builder, based on the file of type B.

Deploy and test -

outB_7.txt and outB_8.txt are my two output files, and, as you can see,
they adhere to the FixedLengthTextFile2.txt format.

All I needed to add to the nXSD generated for FormatB was the padding instruction -


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