Monday, January 5, 2015

#363 Fixed Length File processing with SOA Suite 12c

Here is a simple example -

My flat file is as follows -

AccountNr (8 chars)
First name (10 chars)
Surname (10 chars)
CountryCode (2 chars)

I create an empty soa composite in JDev 12c and add a file adapter -

I set the field positions as follows -

Now I can set the field names and types -

looks good!

I click the Test button (bottom right)

I now add a File adapter(Write) to the composite.
I added a new schema to the project, this will be used by the WriteCustomer2File.
This simply writes each customer record to a file.

I will hardcode the status value in the following BPEL process Assign activity.

I add a BPEL process that will receive in my file and invoke the file adapter(Write)

I deploy and test -

I see 2 output files, 1 per customer -

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