Friday, January 9, 2015

#372 File Adapter Valves --> convert xlsx to csv

Simple scenario here - I need to process an excel .xlsx file in SOA Suite.

This was very straightforward, as Mark Foster from the A-Team has detailed the steps for doing this, albeit with BPM. He details exactly how to implement the file adapter valve, leveraging Apache POI for the xlsx to csv conversion.

Check out his post here

Btw. I am using JDev SOA Suite 12c Quickstart.

I just followed Mark's instructions and then copied the valve implementation jar to the following directories -


I re-started the integrated server.

My composite is as follows -

The BPEL process does nothing, except accept in the payload.

I deploy and test -

Here is the sample .xlsx file from Mark -

Here is the audit trail from the BPEL instance -

Java project for xlsx conversion here

SOA project there

Again, a big thank you to Mark!

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