Monday, May 1, 2023

#967 OPA 23.04 Release - Invoking OIC Integrations


OPA 23.04 now has explicit support for invoking OIC Integrations - this means I can easily browse existing activated integrations on my OIC instance. So how does OPA know which OIC instance(s) it can browse?


Now, back to the Designtime - 

Integration is now available for use in the Process Designer - 

So let's run through this from the very start; here is the integration I need to invoke from OPA - 

Step 1 - Register the OIC instance in OPA

A pre-requisite is OAuth credentials for accessing this OIC instance - so you need to create the relevant confidential app in IDCS. This app must have client credentials selected -

Set the scope to the OIC you want to access - 

Save the app, then activate it. You can then copy client id and secret for further use. Once configured, the app will show the client id and secret under the General Information section. 

Now to the OIC App in IDCS - we need to assign the app we just created to the Service Developer role here.


 Finally, we register the OIC Service via the OPA Workspace - Registered Services -  


Service URL - set this to the host name part of the endpoint url - 

Service ocid can be taken from the oci console page for this integration instance - 

OAuth token url has the following format - 

Client Id and secret you get from the IDCS confidential app.

Scope is set to what we specified in our confidential app e.g. to https://yourIntegration:443urn:opc:resource:consumer::all

Step 2 - Create a Connection using OIC

First to my ultra simple order approvals process, this is the initial basic flow -

I create the connection - 

and I select my ATP-CreateOrder Integration - 

Now I can leverage this in the integration - 

Step 3 - Use the Connector in a Process

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