Tuesday, May 16, 2023

#969 OIC3 - now includes Process

You can now enable Process (OPA) as part of OIC3

Process, like File Server and Visual Builder, can be enabled from the Oracle Integration OCI Console.

Policies need to be set before you can provision Process Automation.

The docs detailing the enablement steps, including required policies, is available here

Essentially, you need to create the following policies -

allow group yourGroup to manage process-automation-instances in compartment yourCompartment
allow group yourGroup to read metrics in compartment yourCompartment

Then click the Enable button - 

Check out the Associated Services -

Now check out the OIC Home Page - 

The Process menu option is visible, however, you still need to grant your OIC users access to Process. Here's an example of doing this in IDCS - 


Now back to the main OIC page, click on the Process menu option - and you're in!

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