Thursday, April 27, 2023

#966 Creating a user in IDCS from OIC

First step is to get this working in Postman - follow the instructions here

The Client Application configuration is simple - 

Save the app and copy the client id and client secret - 

Use these to configure the Postman environment, as per the instructions - 

Now to the Postman collection - execute the following to get the token - this will be used in the createUser request -

Now to creating the user - 

change the name, email address in the body - 

Check out the result in IDCS - 

Extrapolate from this to create the integration in OIC - 

Step 1 - Create a REST connection to IDCS - 

The integration is simple - REST trigger with the following payload - 

I use the request / response payloads from Postman, when configuring the IDCS Invoke - 

Mapping based on Postman payload - 

Note: I repeated the emails node - 

Activate and Test - 

and here is Lucia in IDCS - 

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