Saturday, January 21, 2023

#949 OIC Billing Metrics - how many messages is each integration consuming?

One question I get asked frequently is which integrations are the most costly from a billing perspective. Let's try this out with a very simple example.

I will use the following integration among others - this processes an 80kb file, i.e. should use up 2 * 50 kb messages per flow. The others are simple REST based integrations with payloads < 50kb.

I run a couple of flows and then go to the OCI Billing Metrics - 

I edit the query as follows - 

And they view the data - 

Naturally, one can check out other stats - 

One can also drill down into specific integrations and/or adapters - 

So this is useful, I know which flows are costing me the most messages. Next, how can I find out how many flows I actually have for AA_LARGEPAYLOADDEMO? 

This I can do with OCI Metrics - 

Here we see 4 instances of that integration - so 4 * 2 = 8 messages.

Of course, some integrations can have request payloads that vary in size.

I do the following simple set of tests -

Invoke the LargePayload integration twice with a payload < 50kb, then 3 times with a payload of 80kb.

The Mean cost should be (3 * 2) + (2*1) = 8 billed messages spread over 5 flows. That gives us a mean value of 1.6 messages per flow.

Here is the Mean Message Count Flow in detail - 

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