Wednesday, January 4, 2023

#946 OIC Mailchimp adapter

This posts leads on from the previous one on Quickbooks. Mailchimp is the out of the box marketing tool for QuickBooks. 

As you can see, automated contact syncing is available between the 2. 

But, of course, there are customers who use Mailchimp standalone; so let's see how easy it is to work with the OIC Mailchimp adapter.


As per QuickBooks, we need the client id and secret to create a Mailchimp connection in OIC.

I began with the OIC Mailchimp adapter guide which states - 

This has changed - the user icon is now bottom left - 

The redirect uri has the following format - https://yourOIC/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback

If all is good, you will see - 

Now all I need to do is copy the generated client id and secret - 

So now to creating the connection in OIC.

Create Mailchimp Connection 

Back in OIC, I click Test - 

Create Mailchimp Integration

This integration will retrieve my Mailchimp campaign(s) and then click the virtual SEND button.

Here is my campaign in Mailchimp - The Hare of the Dog Public House has reopened and we want to inform the locals -

I create a scheduled integration and configure the Mailchimp connection -

Let's stop and look at the operations the adapter supports - 

I choose Get_all_campaigns

I activate and run the integration - to see what is returned - 

I can see the campaign id - 

I will use this to call another Mailchimp operation - Send_a_campaign

Note the {campaign_id} parameter.

I do the required mapping and test - 

This time I get an error from Mailchimp, as my Campaign has already been sent - I did a sanity test in Mailchimp, before beginning the integration - 

Here is the response payload -

I replicate the campaign in Mailchimp and delete the original - now I re-run the integration.

I check my email - and there it is - the long awaited news - The Hare of the Dog has reopened!

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