Thursday, January 12, 2023

#948 - OIC 22.12.1 Release - New Features --> Parallel Processing

An extremely cool feature coming with 22.12.1. This is similar to the Split/Join feature in Oracle Service Bus - the ability to model the parallel execution of tasks. I have a simple order processing integration, as usual. As you can see, I have 2 branches one for legal and one for inventory processing. These two distinct tasks can be executed independently of each other.

We have added a new action in 22.12.1 to enable such processing -

Configuration is easy - 

Note the ability to Add more branches. I just choose edit here to give the action a relevant name.

Now to add some actions to the branches - this release currently supports adding Map & Invoke actions to a branch. That means you can drop an Invoke or a Call Integration action into a branch. We plan to support further actions in future releases. I will use Call Integration here - 

I complete the mapping, then add a SWITH action after the Parallel Processing - here I will validate the results of the 2 invokes.

The SWITCH has access to the responses from both invokes -

Processing is simple - assign a success or failure message to a variable, which is then mapped to the integration response. Let's try it out!

This new action has 2 great value-adds - 

1. Designtime models can more accurately reflect how the business works. 

2. Better Runtime performance. 



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