Tuesday, January 3, 2023

#945 OIC QuickBooks Adapter - first steps

 One of my great pleasures in life is trying out new OIC adapters - today I'm looking at QuickBooks.

Step 1 is to create an Intuit developer account - https://developer.intuit.com/app/developer/homepage

Go to the Dashboard and then Create an App -

You also need a sandbox company - one is already set up for me in my trail account - Dashboard -> API Docs & Tools -> Sandbox

Next step is to specify the OIC redirect url - 

All set for OIC...

Create a connection to QuickBooks in OIC

Note: all I need is client id and secret. I then click on Provide Consent

Now to using this QuickBooks connection in an integration - here I will create a new customer.

I now add the QuickBooks connection and configure as follows - 

I checked out the QuickBooks REST api docs to see which fields are mandatory. Essentially, there are only a few such fields. The doc relating to customer is available here -

Regarding the integration response -I want to return the id of the newly created customer. It can be found here - 

Expand customer and take the 2nd id field - the first relates to the address -

Now to test - 

I validate in QuickBooks - 


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