Tuesday, August 30, 2022

#927 Oracle Integration - OCI Metrics

 OCI Metrics provide great insight into your Oracle Integration instances - these can be easily accessed by clicking on the instance link.

The last 2 are new for Oracle Integration 3, so let's take a look at them -

BilledMessageCount is of special interest to all customers. I often get asked about monthly statisitcs - e.g. what are my top integrations this month from a billing perspective - this is easily answered here.

Naturally, I can also enter my own specific start and end times - 

So let's look at the graph and the data -

Note the breakdown by integration and adapter type, in both cases, rest.

That's the Billing view - not lets look at the Configured Messages data - 

As you can see, 5k messages per hour, so 1 message pack configured.

Next Metric is NumberOfInboundRequests

Note the format of the data shown - details trigger type, http verb used etc.

On to NumberOfOutboundRequests -  

Note the format of the data shown - details adapter type etc. colocatedics refers to local invoke.

I can also add adapter specific dimensions - here I am just interested in the number of Netsuite invokes - 

I can also switch to the Graph view - 

Great stuff! Now let's look at another widget - 

We can add dimensions such as flow code - which is essentially the individual integration.

resourceId refers to the OIC instance -

Another great feature here is Alarms

The Alarm has been configured to fire if the Netsuite invoke takes longer than 3 seconds - 

The alarm is linked to OCI notifications service - 

I do a stress test of the createNetsuiteCustomer integration, triggering the alarm - 

I receive the relevant email -


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