Sunday, August 14, 2022

#924 Oracle Integration 3 - More than simply a New look and Feel

 There are a host of compelling new UI features in this release which OIC developers will love - 

Redwood Look and Feel

Yes, a new award winning look and feel, more functionality and salient information at hand, compelling presentation and less clicking to navigate. 

 Note, this initial release of Oracle Integration 3 includes Integration and Insight. Process, Visual Builder and B2B will be included in a future release.

Check out the new menu structure, Monitoring is now Observability.

The About box shows the version nr - the format is YY.MM.

Kicking the Tyres

I will begin a simple integration - as you can see, we have converged on the following 2 styles- 


So let's get going - 

Here I define a REST trigger, as you can see, we have a new UI for this task -


I am essentially entering the same data, just in a more ergonomic way.

The result -

Let's check out the 4 icons top right -

I - Identifier - click here to specify your tracking field(s) 

The first icon is for Keyboard shortcuts - 

The cog icon is for Primary Info -

The final icon, the warning triangle, is for accessing the Global Fault Handler - 

The Actions remain the same - 

Using the Mapper

Again, the same modus operandi as in OIC gen2, however, there are some cosmetic changes - 

The 3 icons above -
Design, Code and Test.
In OIC gen2 we had - 

The icons on the right are as follows - 

The first 2 speak for themselves, the 3rd is the View option.
The 4th is the filter. So, net, net - no changes here.

Now to some key new features -

Expand and collapse Actions

e.g. SWITCH Action - 

Cut & Paste Support

New Share Button - Export and Print

Now before we activate, note the new button - Share -


Export downloads the .iar file.
Print - does what it says!

Note, this is the outline view of the integration.

New Search Functionality

Extremely useful, especially when you have a large model - 

The selected action, in my case, invoke OrderApproval - is then highlighted in the canvas -

Now to deployment - here the icon has changed slightly -

Note the options available above - 

Production - Shows all activities bar LOG and Loop activities - data retained for 32 days
Audit - wire payloads logged and data retained for 8 days
Debug - All payloads and activities inside of loops logged - data retained for 24 hours. 

Wire payloads are the integration entry and exit payloads 

Now to testing the integration - note, there is no run icon, one selects Run from the menu -

Note, the Instance Id is now alphanumeric - 

This may be of interest to any developers who use this id for other purposes, e.g. store it in a DB table in a column of type NUMBER. 

Let's check out the Monitoring -

Clicking on a section in the activity stream results in the highlighting of the relevant flow action - 


Click on the eye icon to see the actual payload -

The next section looks at Oracle integration 3 monitoring in more detail.

Observability / Monitoring updates

From a top level menu perspective Monitoring is now Observability -

Again, check out the new look and feel - 

The Dashboard is less cluttered - salient information is available up front, with the ability to drill down, for example - from 


Also inline - e.g.

Nice new feature is the ability to navigate to child instances - 

Oracle Integration 3 Documentation

Check out the What's New page to check out the new features. There is also a section on deltas vis-a-vis OIC Gen2. Please note, Oracle Integration 3 currently does not include Process, Visual Builder and B2B; however, you can expect these to be available as part of the new service very soon.


Oracle Integration 3 is our next generation enterprise iPaaS service. Expect lots of compelling new features in the coming months and years. It will be available in all Oracle data centers soon, so make sure you try it out! 

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