Thursday, August 25, 2022

#926 OIC CX Event Subscription - Fusion and OIC Setup

OIC is the perfect solution for event driven scenarios - today I am looking at the createAccount event in Fusion triggering an OIC integration. This is a requirement many customers have - as soon as an account is created, pass the details to interested downstream apps.

Fusion CX supports a plethora of business events, however, some setup/checks are required to ensure this will work.

Step 1 - Ensure Events are enabled in Fusion


 Search for - Manage Trading Community Common Profile Options -

Ensure Site is set to Yes.

Step 2 - Register OIC instance with Fusion

Take your main Fusion url and add /soa/composer to it.

Click on Manager Security

csf-key is a concatenation of the OIC IdentityDomain and Service Instance values. These can be found in the OIC About box. User Name / Password is your OIC user/pwd.

Step 3 - Create a Fusion Integration user with the following roles


The OIC CX adapter will be used as a trigger, so the user specified in the adapter configuration will require a modicum of Fusion roles. 

The following seem to be the minimum required -

Step 4 - Create the Integration in OIC 

Here is my CX connection definition -

Here is the integration - 

I activate the integration and then add a new account in Fusion.

I then check OIC Monitoring - 

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