Tuesday, September 28, 2021

#882 Installing OIC Connectivity Agent on OCI Compute


This is a follow up from the previous OCI Streaming post - the OCI Streaming connection requires a connectivity agent to be specified, when one uses the connection as a trigger. I tried this out with the connectivity agent installed on my laptop. Naturally, this is not feasible for any organization, so installation of the agent on an OCI Compute is a compelling alternative.

Step 1 - Spin up an OCI Compute Instance - 




You can accept the defaults - 

Regarding keys -  simplest way to go is Generate a key pair for me. Save the public / private key locally.

then Paste the public key and click Create.

Step 2 - Login to the Compute Instance - 

I am using Putty to login to the compute instance; pre-requisite is the private key .ppk format. So I use PuttyGen to load the key generated by OCI and then save it in the Putty format.

 Now I leverage this in the Putty connection -

Step 3 - Install JDK on the Compute Instance - 

sudo yum install java

Step 4 - Create a Directory for the Connectivity Agent -


As you can see, I have copied the agent installer zip to this directory, using WinSCP.

Step 5 - Create a new Agent Group in OIC - 

then configure the InstallerProfile.cfg file to point to this Agent Group.

Step 6 - Leverage in a Connection Definition - 

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