Tuesday, September 7, 2021

#876 OIC - Aug 21 New Features - Zendesk Adapter

 Welcome to the new OIC Zendesk adapter, part of the August 21 release.

Firstly, apologies for the tardiness of this post, but that's what a 3 week vacation does to you!

ZenDesk is one of the most popular customer service apps on the planet - my simple demo covers creating a ticket in ZenDesk.  


I need the ZenDesk Client ID and Secret, in order to create the connection in OIC - So I click on the admin icon and select API.

There is a button on the left (not shown in the above screenshot) - Add OAuth Client. I fill in all the fields and save - the Client Id is shown once and only once. I save it to a file.

Btw. the redirect url format is https://yourOICInstance/icsapis/agent/oauth/callback

Now I create the connection in OIC - using the Zendesk field Unique Identifier as Client Id.

Create the ZenDesk Connection in OIC 

I enter the data above and then click Provide Consent.

Create an app-driven Integration in OIC

Now I can leverage the connection in an integration - 

One can consult the ZenDesk REST api docs for details on Ticket fields. The docs can be found here  
So this is my Integration Request sample payload -   

I map to the target fields - 

I activate and test - 

I validate in ZenDesk -


The ZenDesk adapter supports the following (taken from the OIC docs)- 
  • Create or Update (create or update records in Zendesk)
  • Query (get records from Zendesk)
  • Delete (delete records from Zendesk)
  • Bulk Import (import bulk records into Zendesk)
All protected using OAuth 2.0 three-legged authentication. More details in the OIC ZenDesk adapter Guide, available here

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