Monday, July 19, 2021

#869 OIC Monitoring and Logging Analytics - more steps towards Fleet Management

The previous post mentioned 2 OIC instances in two different regions. A typical fleet management requirement would be to check whether both OIC instances are up and running. Here's where OCI APM - Application Performance Management can help -

It contains a feature called Synthetic Monitoring -  The APM docs tells us that Synthetic Monitoring helps in simulating a path in the application that a user would normally take, and ensure that the user can transition through the different web pages in the path smoothly. This helps is recognizing application performance issues before the end user experiences it.

I created 2 simple ping-style integrations, one in my London and one in my Phoenix OIC instance.
These can then be called by APM - 

The configuration of such a Monitor is as follows - 

I have set this to invoke these "ping" integrations every 5 minutes.

I can check the results via the History link - 

Metrics from APM are available for use in Logging Analytics. Here is my existing Dashboard - 

I edit this Dashboard and add a metrics based source -

I drop Availability - then edit as follows - 

Now I do the same for the Phoenix monitor - 

Now I deactivate the 'ping' integration on the London instance for ca. 30 minutes - 
The Dashboard is as follows - 


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