Monday, July 5, 2021

#865 OIC --> Event Driven Integration with Oracle Commerce Cloud


Commerce Cloud provides us with webhooks, along us to hook into its events.
The setup is very simple - specify target url / credentials. I will use the example of Shopper Profile Create in this post.

I can easily create such a profile, using the Commerce Cloud REST api. That is the event. The Event API - Shopper Profile Create - will be configured to invoke an OIC integration.

Step 1- Create Integration with Commerce Cloud as Trigger


I then add my Netsuite connection, configuring it for Contact Creation - 

I map a couple of fields - 

Activate the Integration and copy the endpoint url, this is needed for the Commerce Cloud webhook configuration.


Step 2 - Configure Commerce Cloud Webhook

I now create a Shopper Profile, using the Commerce Cloud REST api - 

I return to OIC, and check out Tracking -

I validate in Netsuite - 

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