Monday, May 10, 2021

#852 OIC May 21 Release New Features - New Recipes - FTP to Netsuite File Cabinet

The May 21 release includes many new recipes - let's look at some of them - today - FTP to Netsuite File Cabinet. 

The use case here is very simple - I have files on an ftp server that need to be copied to a folder in the Netsuite File Cabinet. Many customers need to upload files, attach them to records and then organize them in the Netsuite File Cabinet. The example here, again, is very simple - but does provide the basis for more complex implementations.

The recipe is contained in the following package -   

The only pre-requisites for this recipe are -

  • FTP connection in OIC
  • Netsuite connection in OIC
  • Target folder created in the Netsuite File Cabinet
I have all the pre-reqs - my connections are called AA-FTP and AA-Netsuite.

My Netsuite connection uses the following wsdl url - it is important to use the v2019_1 version of the wsdl.

Once I import the recipe, I can start configuring - 

Step 1 - update the ftp and netsuite connections

This is very easy using the OIC Configuration editor - 

all I need to do is click the Replace icon.

So now let's look at the integration itself - 

Rudimentary error handling has also been implemented - 

Simple enough - gets the file from an ftp directory via the OIC ftp adapter.

Here is my ftp directory - 

The name of the directory/file is set as follows -

So let's look at the Integration Properties - 

I set the ftp directory value accordingly -

Now to the internalId value - this is the internal id of my Netsuite File Cabinet.

I created a new folder - id = 801

I update the relevant integration property with this value - 

That was it - I now copy a couple of files to the ftp directory -


I then activate and test the integration and see the following error -

Ok, so the role is specified in the Netsuite connection definition also needs this permission - so back to Netsuite - 


I re-test and then check the file cabinet in Netsuite - 

Now let's look at some other interesting fields, when creating the file -

attachFrom - valid values are _computer (for local files) or _web 

isPrivate - If you want to be the only person 
isOnline - If you want the file to be accessible externally - file will be accessible via an url.
owner - The owner of the file is a RecordRef , i.e. points to a Netsuite business object - 


I augment the recipe, by adding an explicit call to Netsuite in order to attach the file to my customer -

Here is the target payload for the Attach Invoke -

I will use the following customer - id - 16987

The File internal id source field - 

I delete the 2 files from the File Cabinet and re-test, then validate in Netsuite -
File have been attached to the customer.


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