Thursday, May 6, 2021

#846 - OIC May 21 Release - Integration Insight Alerts

Compelling new feature in Integration Insight - the ability to raise Alerts, sending emails to interested parties, when particular conditions occur or do not occur. 

Let's begin with a simple example - 
Here is my demo Integration - 

Here is my simple Insight model -

Note the new tab - Alerts. more on that later. 

Back in my integration designtime - note the new icon - 

I select my Insight Model - 

and map accordingly - 

I now map the unique identifier, which will be the order number - 

I then map the Indicators - my Dimensions and Measures. In this case, I have 3 - Customer, Product and Order Value.

Back in the Insight Model - let's create an Alert -

The UI is very intuitive - 

This is V1 of this functionality, currently we support alerting via email.


Note, I enter $ to get access to the tracking variables - 

These include the dimensions and measures as well as a link to the business transaction in Integration Insight -


I complete as follows -

I activate the model and the integration.

Test the integration with a large order - 

So that was the first alert condition tested, let's look at the others - 

Test with an Invalid Order - 

Now to the 3rd variation -

I have slightly amended the integration, allowing me to create a new Milestone - shipped.


Note the Wait Action before LogShipped. This will allow me to slow down the flow.

Add the new Milestone to the Model -


Add a new Alert - 

Test - here I set a wait on 10000 msecs.

I receive the email -

Great Work Insight Team!

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