Wednesday, May 5, 2021

#845 - OIC May 21 Release - Integration Insight -> embed Dashboards in Visual Builder

 Another compelling feature from the May 21 release. The Insight folks are making it very easy for you to render the dashboards where your business users need them -

I will use the following dashboard from me as an example - yes, I am a minimalist!

Just click on the embed icon to render the page above.

Clicking on the download icon above -

Now, in Visual Builder, I create a new app and, within it, a new web app -


Now I import the - 

The component has been added to the palette -

I drop this on the page and see I need to configure some parameters -

Makes total sense - I need to specify which model and then which views from that model I wish the render -

This information is available in the Insight Console - 

I can also embed the business transaction details page in my VB app - the download link is here -

I drag and drop onto the same page and configure as follows - note the transaction id, this is the unique identifier from the Insight model. I use employee number and 123 is a valid value.

Note, there are 2 view types available - 

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