Tuesday, May 4, 2021

#849 OIC May 21 release - Process & Integration Insight


This compelling new feature allows us to post to Integration Insight directly from Process.

Let's start though with my Insight model -

The model will be fed data from an integration and a process - 
In this scenario, a process is started by the integration, if the salary is out of the allowable band.

The process will push data to the following milestones - 
1. Payroll Issue
2. Payroll Issue Resolved
3. Payroll Issue Escalated

Simple enough - I activate the integration model and then return to my process designer - 
Here one sees a new option - Insight -


One can now "import" an Insight model into Process, much in the same way as one does for an Integration.

That's what I did for my Onboarding Model -

As you can see, I have made Model changes. I can update with 1 click.

Now to leveraging Insight in the process model -

You can see 3 actions that send data to Insight, all I did was drag and drop the new icon in the relevant spot - 


Let's look at the configuration of the first of these - insight4Issue -

Let's look at the Data Association dialogue -


identifier is, of course, the unique identifier I defined in my Insight model. This is, in my case, the unique employee nr. 

So simple!

Let's try it out - but before we do that, here is the current dashboard state -

I enter a new employee whose salary will be outside of the scale.


Now I have 6 new emps and the Payroll Issue total has increased to 3.

I have to escalate this - cannot be found guilty of nepotism.

Note Payroll Issue Escalated count has increased to 3. 

The HR director adjusts Johanna's salary accordingly and Resubmits to the Integration - 

Johanna has been successfully onboarded.

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