Thursday, February 11, 2021

#829 OIC February 21 Release - New Features

 We have a compelling set of new features in the February 21 release.

Again thanks to Antony and Lilly for the official blog post here

What an intelligent looking dog!

Also please refer to the What's New doc for a exhaustive list of new features.


So, without further ado here are my highlights -

I have organized these as follows -

1. Integration Developer features

1.1. Ability to edit xslt in the Integration Mapper

1.2. Ability to convert scheduled orchestration to app-driven

1.3. OCI API Gateway Connectivity

1.4. Automatic integration reactivation after a connection update

2. Adapters 

2.1. New Adapters - Salesforce Commerce Cloud / Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace

2.2. Updates to the Netsuite adapter

2.3. Improvements to various adapter including -

2.3.1. OAuth Authorization Code Credentials support for Fusion Apps adapters.

2.3.2. Apache Kafka Adapter - Transactional Producer support

2.3.3. Again, please refer to the What's New doc for a comprehensive list of adapter improvements.

3. Insight New Features

4. B2B Trading Partner Management

5. Scheduled Jobs - Ability to run schedules as another user

6. File Server - Ability to List files in folders


Ability to edit xslt in the Mapper

I create a simple REST based integration - note the new streamlined creation dialogue.

Also the drop down list for Package etc. 

Anyway, here is my mapping screen - 

I click on Code -

Note the new icons top right - 

Undo, Redo, Search, Search Next, Search Previous, Find and Replace, Go to Line

Let's change the Delivery Date to 20th of September - 20210920 -

The result - 

One can also edit directly - look at the Order Status value -

I can edit this directly - 

Ability to convert Scheduled Orchestration to App-Driven


OCI API Gateway Connectivity

Check out the dedicated post here

Automatic integration reactivation after a connection update

Simple example here - I have an integration that uses 2 ftp connections -

New Adapters

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

I do not have access to Salesforce Commerce Cloud as yet, but expect a dedicated blog post later.
Here's a couple of screenshots to whet your appetite.

Oracle Intelligent Track and Trace

To be honest, this is the first I've heard of this product -

The service allows one to - 
Monitor transactions and movement of assets or goods across trading partners and organizations. Create a digital trail of each step, and securely record business transactions across your supply chain.

More Infos on Intelligent Track and Trace here

Here are a couple of screenshots from the adapter at work -

Insight Updates

URL Builder for embedded dashboards

Here is my Dashboard -

Click on the icon below - 

One can also add a filter - 

Also Timezone -

Data Retention now includes Insight


Click to rearrange Dashboards

or simply...

Ability to Highlight as Favorite

Ability to filter at individual Dashboard level

Ability to Map more Integration Actions 2 Insight

Back to my simple Insight demo - here are the new milestones -

Here is the Insight Mapping - 

Test run - 

Insight Dashboard - 

Netsuite Adapter New Features

Attach Detach support 

Pre-Feb - 

Feb - 

Attach can be used to attach a file or contact to a business object.

Here's a simple example -

I create a new Contact in Netsuite and copy the internalId -

note - internalId is 23214

Here is a Customer, sans Contacts.

customer internalId is 19599

Now to the integration - very simple 

REST Trigger has the following payload - 

AttachContact Invoke is configured as follows -

Mapping is simple - 

I run the integration and check in Netsuite - and there in Vladimir

B2B Trading Partner Management

Please see the dedicated post here

Scheduled Jobs Improvements

From the docs - 

You can designate a specific user to control the schedule of an integration in the absence of the actual submitter. This allows integrations to be scheduled using a service account that does not go away if a user leaves the company or moves to another department. Only a user with the ServiceAdministrator role can change the submitter of a schedule.

So here is my current schedule settings - 

Now I can update the Submitter - 

You can also do this at a global level - 

Home > Settings > Integrations > Schedule 

When schedule submitter name is updated, all schedules which were submitted by current submitter will now be replaced with the new submitter name. This is a global operation and will update all the integration schedules submitted by current submitter running on this environment. The list of current submitter names will only include the submitters of schedules which are active or stuck.

Ability to List Files in Folders 

Simple example here - I read from FileZilla and write to File Server -

Source directory - 

Target Directory - 

Note the renaming of Folders to Files in the File Server menu structure -

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