Thursday, February 11, 2021

#830 OIC Feb 21 Release New Features - API Gateway Deployment

 The February 21 of OIC release brings OCI API Gateway Connectivity to OIC.

So, as you can see, I have my Gateway. Now I create an API Gateway connection in OIC -

Tenancy OCID can be found here -

User OCID can be found here -

Fingerprint - under Users - API Keys -

Private Key - well that's your private concern!

Here is a simple OIC Integration - it attaches a Contact to a Netsuite Customer

Activation now includes Activate and Deploy option -

I just choose Activate and then select from the menu -

I check in the API Gateway - Deployments

I also see the deployment details in OIC - 

Back in API Gateway, I can add whatever policies are required 

I only have 1 Route - my HTTP POST

Now let's test this from Postman - I use my OIC credentials for Authentication -

I validate in OIC - 

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