Monday, June 15, 2020

#779 OIC --> Invoking Netsuite Saved Searches / Miscellaneous

I created the above Saved Search in Netsuite.
Filter is simply -

Now to using this in OIC -

Here I can add response columns -

A MAP action is added before the invoke of the saved search -
but I leave this blank for the moment.

I currently have 13 Irish customers in Netsuite -

I test the integration and check out the SavedSearch response in the Activity Stream.

The first 5 (see pageSize) of the 13 customers have been returned.
So how can I increase this number?

Activate and Test -

All 13 customers are returned.
Naturally, one could also paginate over search result, reducing the data returned.


So what I am referring to here?

So let's try this out - I am interested in the following item -

I check out the stock in Netsuite -

San Francisco has 228 bikes on hand.
Boston - 440 bikes.

I map the internalID -

Activate and test - check the result in the OIC Activity Stream -

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