Tuesday, June 9, 2020

#776 OIC June 2020 release UI updates

This release sees the introduction of the Oracle JET based OIC UI.
It looks better and has more functionality - what more can I say?

Maybe give you some idea of what is now available -

For those who want more info,
please see my colleague Antony's blog post here

There is also a compelling video from Ankur available here

New Menu Structure

This allows for easier navigation in OIC

Example -

Note: only the menu has been refreshed.
Net, net, the idea here is for you to be able to do your work in OIC,
with the least amount of navigation/clicking around.

More details in Antony's blog post.


New look and feel -

Monitoring -- Usage Metrics

Extremely useful, also the facility to export the usage data.

My Favourite New Features


Inline configuration of integrations -

This makes it very easy to switch your connections e.g. from dev to test to production.

Integration Creation dialogue -

I really like the additions here - the ability to enter a documentation url - the keywords.

You can, of course, search on keywords -

Grid / Table view of Integrations -

Easier Access to Actions -

Note the 3 icons above - Edit - Activate - Actions

Other ergonomic features include the global setting for Recommendations - a global on/off switch
Settings - Integrations - Recommendations -

Activate and Run -

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